Dive into the mythos with our debut comic book.

Hidden Ones: Genesis Comic


Uncover an ancient mystery, a top-secret operation, a psychedelic journey, and a whole lot of cryptids in Hidden Ones’ first-ever comic book.


Cryptozoologist Oracle Joe is thrust into a psychedelic journey where he uncovers esoteric secrets about a universe teeming with supernatural creatures.

In Genesis, visionary artist Zach Lona expands the stories of his directorial debut He Who Lives In Hidden Lakes & analog horror webseries Project Eleusis, setting the stage for Hidden Ones' mindblowing paranormal multiverse.


Get your copy of Genesis for an exclusive sneak preview of Legend of the Vampire Fern, the upcoming comic from master storyteller Anthony Gibson about Hidden Ones' notorious plant cryptid that can't be seen on camera.

While you wait for your comic, start your quest to find the Fern by watching the original short film!

Coming soon.

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